Clone Stamp not working

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2018-04-22 02:13:44

Hi. I can't seem to get the clone stamp to work properly. I hit Option and click on the area I want to clone. But when I go over to the area I want to change, the stamp is not cloning anything at all. How can I fix this? Am I missing something here? Please help!!
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2018-04-22 17:50:06

I'm guessing you are not using Pixelmator for iOS in this case but Pixelmator classic or pro?

In Pixelmator Classic and Pro you might want to make sure you are on the same layer or that you have Sample All Layers activated if you want to clone from one layer to another. Also, check your opacity settings for both the clone tool/brush and the layer you want to clone to.
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2019-06-08 17:41:10

My clone tool doesn't work either. Every update something gets broken. Shame.
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2019-06-08 23:07:14

There is no ‘option and click’ in iOS. Pixelmator iOS looks like this and works perfectly on my iPad Pro.

Whichever version you are using, make sure you are on the correct layer.