Fill selection with color on iPad pro — possible?

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2018-05-27 04:00:15

Pixelmator has great features to select portions of an image. I’m trying to select a portion of a photo of a car (works great using magnetic selector) and then fill that selected portion with a new color (to see what the car would look like with certain panels re-painted a different color).

My problem is there is no “fill selection” feature (that I can find). So I am left to paint inside the selection. But that creates uneven tone because I can’t help but paint over portions that are already painted as I try to fill the whole selection up. So the “double-painted” parts of the selection are both darker and more opaque.

Am I missing something simple here? PM has tons of really advanced features. It would seem strange to exclude a fairly mundane photo editing feature like “fill selection.”

I would appreciate any guidance on this.

And if this feature is not available on the IPad Pro, please consider this a request to add that feature.

Thnx in advance.
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2018-05-27 17:42:45

Yes that is not a feature in the current iOS version. But you can use new layer, fill that with the desired color and then either adjust the layer size if you want a rectangular shape or use another selection shape on that layer to cut out a shape. You can still make the selection on the original layer if that is required and then you can select the layer with the color and cut out the selection shape that way. Any other way is using a shape layer as some sort of selection and fill the shape with the correct color.
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2020-04-23 20:12:18

I see this comment is from two years ago. Is it still the same? is the feature still not available for iOS yet?
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2020-04-24 13:40:32

Over the last couple of years, we had shifted our focus to Pixelmator Pro and Pixelmator Photo, so Pixelmator for iOS didn't receive many new features. However, with the most recent major update, we've started making more significant changes to the app — we'll keep this in mind as we continue to update and refresh Pixelmator for OS!