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2019-06-17 07:18:01

Suddenly when I select Paint/Erase I get erase but no brush of any kind. Did I somehow change a setting of some kind?
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2019-06-17 09:34:41

Any chance you could post a screenshot?
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2019-06-17 22:14:38

This is what I get:

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2019-06-18 04:51:16

Hi Brian.
Thanks for posting the screenshot. Looks like you found the smudge tool at the end of the brush settings: so instead of brush/erase, the tool becomes smudge/erase. I had no idea that was there.
To get back to the brushes you want:
1. Tap 'Smudge' to switch from Erase to Brush Smudge.
2. Tap 'Brush Smudge' to see all your brushes.
3. Select a brush that isn't in the Smudge category.
4. Paint as normal.
Hope this helps. If anything's unclear, just post back and I'll put up a screenshot or two.
- Stef.
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2019-06-18 09:18:40

That did it, thanks very much.