Layers limitation

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2019-10-11 23:52:59

The layers are limited to 21, and sometimes it’s not enough, I am using iPad Pro 11-inch, so the performance won’t be a problem, not to mention there are a bunch of A12 Chip iPad.

And, the only reason I thought was the iOS RAM limitation, if it’s not, please support it.

You know, Sometimes when you can finish the work with iPad, why make a fuss to wake up Mac and Pixelmator Pro.😊
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2019-10-14 12:33:45

The layer limit is actually a total megapixel limit, which is based on the amount of RAM, so it varies depending on the size of your image and the device you're using. For now, the only workaround for when you can't add more layers is to reduce the size of your image. Of couse, we'd love to improve this, but it's not entirely down to us at the moment...