Apple Pencil 2 on iPad pro 11“ produces big dots in full size and saturation of the used pen and color

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2020-01-09 11:04:31

These dots occur even when tapping the surfache with “no“ pressure. This behaviour is very disturbing. I have to undo them continuously every time - nearly every second. There is no drawing possible in such a way. The Pencil works perfectly with Apples Notice-App. Consequently the Dots must be a problem within Pixelmator.

App and System as the hardware – all of new state.

Thanks for an answer
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2020-01-09 14:50:09

Hey there, could you share a screenshot or two of the issue? Also, this might sound a little silly, but have you tried restarting your device?
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2020-01-10 08:04:33

Here a screenshot of the occurring dots painted on a white canvas after resetting the device:

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2020-01-13 17:25:48

Thanks for the screenshot! That's not an issue I seem to have seen before so we may need to dig deeper — could you shoot us an email at about this?