[REQUEST] Remove Vignetting in Kaleidoscope Effect

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2020-05-11 11:39:03

Is there any way this could be disabled as a user request? I create a lot of mandala images using various layers, and every time a vignette is automatically applied around the outer edge of each layer.
It would help if there was even a way in the app to lighten the outer parts of the image, but I have to export the layer into Snapseed and attempt to remove the vignette before bringing it back into Pixelmator. This doesn't always work great, and I always end up with some kind of vignetting.

If you could fix this, I would be so grateful.
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2020-05-11 12:35:10

Hi there! There currently isn't a way to do this but we can certainly keep both those ideas in mind — thanks for taking the time to suggest this!
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2020-05-11 13:00:01

Thanks Andrius. I can't tell you how much I would appreciate this being implemented, as Pixelmator is still the quickest and easiest way to create Mandala images when compared to other software. Just those damn vignettes!!!
Anyway, blessings to you and the team.
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2020-05-11 14:10:02

Yeah, that's understandable — I can't promise a quick turnaround on this but, as we work on updating the app more, we can definitely keep things like this in mind, and feedback is always useful. Thanks for the kind words, best wishes to you too!