can you partially replace colors ?

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2021-01-12 19:48:57


I want to replace colors in an image. For example i want to replace red with green but i need to leave some red in the image.
is it possible ?
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2021-01-13 15:04:04

Hey there. Sure! Using the selection tools, you can precisely define which area of an image you'll be working with. You can learn more about the selection tools here:
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2021-01-14 14:39:20


i dont see any of what the video shows.
i have pixelmator photo: pro editor for the ipad
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2021-01-14 15:12:38

Ah, got it! You've posted this in the Pixelmator for iOS thread, so I assumed you're using the classic Pixelmator. In Pixelmator Photo, you cannot focus on specific areas of a photo, but you may have some control using the range slider.