Change the color of individual words within a text field

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2021-11-29 14:16:48

Hello, will there be such a feature on Pixelmator for iOS at some point? Because on the Mac it is possible to change the font color within a text. It would be nice if you could also change the font, color and thickness etc. within a text field on iOS.
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2021-12-05 12:37:42

With how Pixelmator excels in so many areas, it amazes me that it can't handle this seemingly simple and often needed task!
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2021-12-20 08:41:27

A possible future addition, for sure! Though, it would probably require a fair bit of restructuring of the Styles system which is not an easy task... Perhaps it'll come with the support for Pixelmator Pro file format — PXD — in the future.