iOS .JPG file size and renaming on Pixelmator or Pixelmator photo?

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2022-01-16 20:31:30

I have a couple versions of Pixelmator both for iOS and my Mac desktop.

If I have an image on my iOS devices there’s no way to completely finish preparing the images to upload to my website. I have to transfer them to my desktop first.

I.E., on my phone or tablet, I want to be able to rename the photos, and decide what JPEG size and quality level to upload them at . Basically the share/save for web controls in my desktop version.

Currently the Pixelmator version I have on iOS seems to not even tell me what file size I have .

Am I missing something simple? Has this changed? Is that possible with the newer Pixelmator Photo for iOS?

Other suggestions?

Otherwise it’s a great program, very reasonably priced. Thanks for that!
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2022-01-24 10:32:43

Hey Stephan. You're right, Pixelmator for iOS doesn't currently offer options for preparing/optimizing images for the web (it's more or less done for you automatically). There's a good chance this will be added later on as we have plans of refurbishing the app. Pixelmator Photo lets you choose the JPEG quality and scaling when exporting so it might be a good alternative to use in the meantime if you're not doing any design-related work (Pixelmator Photo doesn't work with layers).