History list in Pro?

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2020-12-02 17:23:14

In that case, +1 for a history panel
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2020-12-18 13:05:01

by Andrius 2020-11-26 15:02:14 Hey Larry, thanks for the feedback. As far as I'm aware, a history feature isn't in our plans for the next round of updates, but it's definitely something we see value in including. Fingers crossed we can make you happy one day.
I bought Pixelmator Pro yesterday and I was really surprised that this feature did not exist in such an advanced editing software. This is such a useful feature and is a real dealbreaker for many users. Please reconsider and make this a prioritized feature in your roadmap! Please...
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2020-12-18 15:06:52

Yes, please a history tool!
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2020-12-18 15:54:06

If you knew what our roadmap looked like, you'd probably say, "OK, OK, leave the history tool for later..."

And no, we won't reveal everything in advance.
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2020-12-18 15:54:57

Having said that, we do definitely want to add this but wouldn't you agree that adjustment layers are more important?
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2020-12-18 23:13:30

by Andrius 2020-12-18 15:54:57 Having said that, we do definitely want to add this but wouldn't you agree that adjustment layers are more important?
Oh, Andrius you really good! Ok, Ok I agree.

Leave the history tool! (for later)
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2021-01-28 15:10:13

by Andrius 2020-12-18 14:54:57 Having said that, we do definitely want to add this but wouldn't you agree that adjustment layers are more important?
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2021-03-08 11:48:45

by Sebastiaan 2017-11-30 17:21:03 This is not yet available in Pixelmator Pro I'm afraid
I'm new to Pixelmator Pro. History list is the feature I'm missing most!
Feature Request!
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2021-05-04 11:58:51

Please make a history panel
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2021-05-04 18:40:39

I agree that a History panel is important. I know several users who are staying with Photoshop just because of this one feature that is lacking in Pixelmator.
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2021-05-14 10:11:31

I really need the history panel, only because of it I stay in photoshop (
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2021-05-14 10:54:39

Yes, history tool. Please
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2021-05-21 16:28:32

4 years since the first post, and still no history list?!

Anyways, I'll still try to change my workflow to use PM Pro more often for quick edits. Thanks for a great app, and keeping it non-subscription. Thats actually why I bought it, to support companies that do not charge an arm and a leg in subscription fees.

Thanks again, and keep working on that history list
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2021-05-28 11:54:48

I know there is so many thing which is so important, but please schedule the history list.
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2021-06-13 04:24:48

Was very excited to try this out and was immediately so disappointed to find no history!

Why is history important?

While developing an involved app like Pixelmator, I would guess that you regularly commit to some version control. This way, you wouldn't be scared to try out some new changes to your code; otherwise, you'd have to hold cmd+z for thirty seconds while doing complex mental processing of each change one by one to restore it to the state you wanted. With version control, you simply reset back to the checkpoint and are done.

The history tool is similar. When we want to try out new interesting changes, we can make them without fear of not being able to make it back to where we started. Without the history tool, we are afraid to try out new changes because of both the risk of not being able to get back to where we were, and also the mental work of remembering and choosing the correct initial state.

Thus, the lack of a history tool results in users being less creative and producing less great work.

If this feature is not important to you, or too difficult to implement post-hoc, please be honest with us and let us know so we can make a decision based on truth.
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2021-06-14 12:06:02

Thanks for the votes, everyone, and for keeping History up there with the most wanted features in Pixelmator Pro. The feature isn't the easiest one to implement for sure, but we know it's an important and most likely inevitable future addition to Pixelmator Pro. We'll make sure to share a status update once we have some more concrete news.