History list in Pro?

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2017-11-29 21:40:44

Hello! I know you can continuously press⌘+ Z to continue to undo something, but is there a list somewhere in Pixelmator Pro that shows all changes made? Something like the history list in photoshop.

Thanks! LOVE the app!
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2017-11-30 18:21:03

This is not yet available in Pixelmator Pro I'm afraid
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2018-11-15 23:53:14

HISTORY is such a valuable tool. Can I encourage you to somehow make it available? Or am I out of date and it already exists?
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2018-11-16 14:45:49

You can definitely encourage us! This feature is on the feature request list, so it's more or less on the roadmap, although it's not a top priority just yet.