Scrolling Down in Layers

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2017-11-30 22:08:22

I am having a problem with the new Pixelmator Pro. I can't figure out on a consistent basis, how to scroll down in my layers. I generally work with a lot of layers in my documents and I need to be able to access them and can't see them all on my screen at one time. There is no scroll bar available that I can tell. Every once in a while I see a scroll bar appear, but for the most part, I am finding myself unable to access layers of my document.
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2017-12-02 16:20:10

Hover your mouse cursor over the Layer palette. The scroll bar will appear on the right of the Layer palette. Just scroll to the layer you need. As you can see the scroll bar disappears after a second of inactivity . Maybe there will be an option for a permanent scroll bar in the future.
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2017-12-24 15:19:25

There's a nice feature to adjust the size of layers by dragging and pulling to the right, but the scroll bar does not appear regularly when I hover my mouse cursor over the layer pallete. Is there a sensitivisty setting i should be looking at on the iMac?

Black on black can also be a bit problematic to spot, althoug the edges are light

'maybe there will be an option' - can I vote for that option please? So the scroll bar appears once there are more layers than will fit on the screen?

Can the scroll bar be a tasteful shade of grey so I can actually see it.

Running v1.0.5 Whirlwind
MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2