Image size doing weird things

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2017-12-20 19:26:32

I save a 2in x 1.5in x 300 image out of Pixelmator.
The Finder Info shows the image as a 600x450 image.
I open that image up up in Pixelmator Pro.
The image is a 4in x 3in x 300.

1 image okay, but I did 66 images wanting a 2in x 1.5 in x 300 in PP using the method.


Please don't tell me this is a Retina Display ratio problem. I'n tired of my absolute values being relative just because of my screen resolution.

Worse yet, If I resize an image in Pixelmator Pro, you can get an ever shrinking image with Image resize. If I do a image resize and click okay and open image resize again, it is half the size. If I click okay and open image resize again, it has been halved again.

If I sending stuff to an outside service, which I am, I don't want to have to fuddle with images just to make them the right size of my exportation.

Pixelmator had chosen that an inch on screen is two inches in the real world. I'm sorry but that's just as much a headache inch on screen is an inch in the real world, even though there are twice as many pixel. Perhaps give the user an option.

If I get back in my time machine, Claris Cad an Apple program dealt with this same problem. They fixed their screen dpi at 72 dpi. Then 300 dpi screens stated to appear. They still fixed the 300 dpi screen at 72dpi otherwise the screen world was off buy roughly 30/7.