Applying "foundation" to a model's face in Pixelmator Pro

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2018-01-12 15:19:43

This is a tip I discovered while using Pixelmator Pro.

I took some pictures of my wife and here face looked a little uneven and blown out. It was as if her make-up went on unevenly. This is what I did to balance color in here face.

Brush Color
c- 9
m - 15
y - 22
k - 0

Of course you can play with those number and they probably would be different depending on skin tone. (The following maybe a statement of the obvious) If you want to mess with the red tones of the face, adjust Magenta, yellows-adjust with Yellow, oranges- adjust Magenta and Yellows, and the darkness of the “foundation” with Black.

Scattered Brush

Brush Size - 124
Opacity - 70
Brush spacing - 13
Shape angle - -69
Smudge - 0

I’m taking shoulder up pictures, so the Brush size can be adjust if the model is at a different proximity. Brush space, too, could be adjusted depending on proximity.

Even notice how some women put their foundation on a little thicker that other women? You have that control with this “foundation”. To really pack the “foundation” on, up the opacity. To have a lighter more subtle look, back off on the opacity.

Using this technique, I could balance the facial tones and and bring a little more color to the face.