Where can I find effects which are created by users?

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2018-01-15 19:43:46

Hello is there a side from where I can download and import effects for Pixelmator Pro? Created by people?
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2018-01-21 05:56:49

I don't believe that exists, because I don't believe Pixelmator Pro allows users to create effects.

Maybe this will come in the future, but I wouldn't expect something like that in the wake of their 1.0 release. Maybe in a year or two?

In the mean time, the basic effects they have are quite flexible. If you're creative in how you compose them together, you should be able to achieve all sorts of fruitful results. Good luck!
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2018-01-22 09:07:16

Ivan, I believe ResLes is asking about user-created effect presets, which you can share with others. Basically, you can create your own effects by combining a number of different basic effects and share those combinations with others by dragging the effect preset out of Pixelmator Pro and onto your desktop/into a Finder window. We'd love to have somewhere where you could download additional effect presets and I think that's something we'll try to add in the future.
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2018-01-23 04:50:18

Thanks Andrius. That would be cool if you guys could impotent so a thing.

Yes ivan. I love the effects. They are awesome. But I am curious what results other people come up with.