Rasterize shape option? (convert from vector to pixels)

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2018-01-23 00:38:34

Good morning,

this one should be pretty obvious but i can't find it - in Photoshop, i'd right click on layer with vector images (shapes) and rasterize it to convert it to pixels. In Pixelmator Pro, i don't see an option when i right click on layer or shape (best i see is "make editable"). Any idea where to find this?
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2018-01-23 19:00:44

I've just been improvising: Make a new empty layer, select it plus your shape layer, and merge them. Works like a charm.
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2018-01-24 06:48:22

Right now, that option is Format > Convert into Pixels (which means you can set up a shortcut for it in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts). Though it might be a good idea to add it to the canvas contextual menu too, just like in PS and the original Pixelmator — I've made a note of this.