Pixelmator/Pages as Photoshop/InDesign replacement?

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2018-01-23 22:44:42

Curious if any Pixelmator users are also using Apple Pages as an InDesign substitute? The combination of Pixelmator and Pages works great for me across my iMac and iPad Pro and gives me the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime. Pages is much more capable than I originally thought and takes less than a couple hours to learn and feel comfortable with. In Pages, all you need to do on your iMac is go to File and select ‘Convert to Page Layout’ and it works similarly to InDesign - dropping text boxes anywhere you want. Inserting images is easy as is wrapping text, cropping, rotating, etc. I save the files as PDFs for review. Once approved I send the same PDF to the printer. Haven’t had any issues yet.

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2018-02-01 18:33:32

No one has tried using Pages to replace InDesign? Along with Pixelmator Pro, I’m now off the Adobe bandwagon.
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2018-02-03 17:43:01

I'd not heard of anyone using Pages to replace InDesign, but your description has intrigued me. If that's working out for you, that's super cool. I'll give it a shot myself the next time I need to do page layout.

In the last year, I've completely switched away from Adobe products. I'm using Pixelmator Pro for images, FCPX for video, Ableton Live for audio, and Sketch for vector. I'm very, very happy with this arrangement.
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2018-02-04 21:47:53

Never used in design. Just using pixelmator pro and affinity designer