Eraser not working, what am I doing wrong?

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2018-01-24 19:34:10

Hey guys,

Here's link to a gif: ... o.gif?dl=0

Also how do I create a pixel perfect eraser?
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2018-01-26 23:52:11

Regarding the GIF, it's because you have the opacity of the eraser set to 0%. Push that back up to 100% and it should work fine.

And about pixel-perfect eraser. It's a feature that I missed in the original Pixelmator, too. My work-around is to create a mask on the layer and paint on the mask with a black pixel-brush. You can always merge the mask when you're done.

Hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2018-10-18 17:39:58

Same issue here - not being able to delete pixels without the annoying anti-aliasing messing up nearby pixels is a real problem. I'll have to keep using regular Pixelmator for a lot of my work, easier to use for what I need anyway.
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2018-10-18 17:42:30

Well... that was a well-timed comment. Pixelmator Pro 1.2, which came out today has an eraser mode in the Pixel Paint tool.
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2019-09-12 18:36:15

Nope. Opacity set to 100%. There's something wrong with Pixelmator every time I open it.