Crop and not Mask layers

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2018-01-26 04:10:47

How do I get everything outside a crop area to be cropped! If I crop an image, I don't want layers to have stuff hidden outside the visible area.

This is so frustrating. It took me more than I care to admit to figure out why when I applied a gaussian blur, it was coming in at all the edges.

How do I ensure the crop CROPS the layers and doesn't just mask the layers???

Pro has a nice interface, but it has slowed my workflow significantly with all these changes and modifications to simple things.
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2018-01-26 23:30:35

Often it's beneficial to have bits of artwork overhanging the canvas so I understand why Pixelmator Pro works the way it does.

If you need to trim off the edges of a layer, I've not found a simple answer. So the complex answer is:
Pick the layer you want to trim.
Select all.
Use Tools > Reveal Canvas to extend the canvas.
Use Edit > Invert Selection to select only the overhanging bits of the layer.
Hit delete.
Use Crop or Tools > Trim Canvas to reset the canvas back to its original size.

Maybe someone has a simpler answer...
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2018-01-27 12:25:05

...aaaand the much simpler answer (if the layer doesn't already have a mask).
Select the layer.
Add a mask (if there's no selection area it will default to the canvas).
Merge the layer and the mask.
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2018-01-27 17:06:58

Thanks @st3f

I am not overly happy with "Pro" so far. Taking simple things and making them difficult.

I had to submit a feature request to bring back Command + Click a layer to select, a feature that I've been using for 20 years that they removed and replaced with... NOTHING.