How to Convert a Shape to a Pixel-Based Shape?

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2018-01-29 20:51:44

As an example: I draw a Shape with the Freeform Pen Tool using an Inner Shadow and a Color Fill and Stroke. I then apply an Effect to that Shape.

Now, I want to use the Warp Tool on that Shape - but I find no Option by Right Clicking on that Shape or in the Properties when I Select that Shape with the Pointer Tool - that allows me to convert that Shape into a Pixel-Based image.

The Warp Tool, when selected and clicked over the Shape only produces a "Beep" - indicating it is not available on a regular Shape.

How can I convert a regular Shape into a pixel-based object?


Greg Smith
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2018-01-29 21:47:57

It should be in the menu Format > Convert into Pixels.