Stop Snapping to Grid

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2018-01-30 01:52:10

How can you stop things from snapping to grid. At least that's what appears to be happening. I try to barely resize something and it pops bigger than I want vs. allowing me to control. Thanks much!
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2018-01-30 16:27:03

You can generally hold down the Command (⌘) key to temporarily turn off snapping whenever it happens in Pixelmator Pro. However, with most tools, you'll need to make sure press the key after beginning whichever action you're doing — say, after starting to draw a selection, shape, resizing a layer etc. In this case, if you start resizing then press the Command key, the object won't snap to anything else in the image.
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2018-01-30 16:59:13

Very helpful and worked! One thing that's good is that it isn't a case though that I needed to start dragging out before I pressed the Command key because the snapping is usually immediate.

But thank you for saving my sanity!
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2018-01-30 17:31:58

Gotcha, the reason it's this way is the Command key does other things, too — if you hold it down before dragging a layer handle, the dragging movement will rotate the layer instead, hence why it's important to start resizing first. Having said that, if the layer's snapping as soon as you move it, it's enough to just click and hold the layer handle first, then press the Command key, and only then start moving your mouse. Say, if you want to move it just 1 or 2 pixels without it snapping to somewhere 3 or 4 pixels away.