Crop white space from middle of image

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2018-02-07 16:05:37

I have an image saved from a screen shot. I want to tighten it up by removing some white space in the middle - is there a way to do this? Alternatively can I select and move part of the image toward the middle? I read through the help materials but the answer is not obvious to me. Thanks!
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2018-02-07 16:07:24

Can you attach an image of the screenshot?
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2018-02-07 17:07:20

If I understand you, you have some image at the top of the canvas and some at the bottom. You want to keep both but remove some blank material in the middle. I can't think of a way to directly take a chunk out of the middle and have the rest of the image reflow but you can make the bottom bit into a layer of its own and move it it up the canvas.

There's several ways to achieve this. Here's one:
Using the marquee tool, select the bottom part of the image.
Cut, Paste and deselect (⌘d).
Use the arrange tool to move the bottom bit up the canvas.
Use Tools > Trim Canvas to remove the blank bit left behind at the bottom of the canvas.

Hope this helps.
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2018-02-07 17:49:06

st3f - thanks, that was very helpful.
Trim Canvas did not appear to work, but the exported file was just what I wanted.