CMYK for print?

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2018-03-23 17:45:47

Hi there,

Excuse me if this is perhaps an obvious answer.

I am attempting to create graphics for print with Pixelmator, which I will then place into InDesign.
I am under the impression we cannot "edit" images in CMYK in Pixelmator at this time, only preview as a "soft proof" (meaning, I guess, we can preview how the colours will look when printed).

Seeking some clarification here.

- since I can't "edit in CMYK" does this mean that I should be saving my conversion as my last step before exporting the image to InDesign?
- does converting to the "soft proof CMYK" mean the actual file type has been converted from RBG to CYMK, and is therefore suitable to use in InDesign? Or does the file type remain RBG and it is literally just a preview, and I should be converting in another application?

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2018-03-23 18:03:27

I touched on this when answering your question in another thread, but here's a good article that should clear all this up for you: ... export.php
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2019-01-18 03:39:51

Just learning here...I am using Pixelmator pro. How do you save in CMYK format? Is this possible? I do not have any Adobe software. Is this something I would need to invest in to get images in CMYK and Pantone formats? I appreciate any insight you can give.
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2019-01-18 15:49:16

So, to clear a few things up, CMYK is not a format, it's a method of mixing/creating colors used in printing. Images can be saved with the colors represented in CMYK in order to more reliably reproduce 'printable' colors on a digital screen, which uses the RGB color model to create individual colors.

While it is possible to export images and convert the colors to CMYK in Pixelmator Pro, I have a feeling it's not exactly what you're looking for. So could you let me know what kind of images you're working on and what you're looking to do with them, in general terms?
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2019-01-23 04:46:56

I save color images in Pixelmator every day as either .jpg or .png and use them in InDesign or lately Apple Pages files. Before sending to various printers I save the final InDesign or Pages files as .pdf. I’ve yet to have any problems. The printer will know what to do.