How To Feather Shape Edges

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2018-12-01 20:44:36

Is there a way to feather the edge of a shape, filled with color, so that the edges simply fade out to the background?
I can see a control for adjusting an inner shadow but that does create the effect I'm looking for.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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2018-12-03 10:59:25

As ever, there are a few different ways, depending on the kind of results you're looking for. By feather, I'm guessing you mean blur, so if you want to blur the edges of a shape, you can use a Gaussian or even Focus blur. Once you add your shape, choose Format > Effects > Blur > Gaussian (or Focus, or any other blur) and adjust the settings to get the effect you're looking for. If you're looking for a different effect, I'd love it if you could share some examples with me and I'll try and work out a way to achieve them in Pixelmator Pro.
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2018-12-04 18:00:21

Thanks for your response. I understand for shapes.

How would I feather the edge of an image so that the edge fades to transparent?
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2018-12-05 11:11:31

I'd suggest using the Refine Selection tool along with a few other tools and commands. Here's how:

1. Click to select the layer you'd like to feather.
2. Choose Edit > Load Selection (or press Option-Command-L).
3. Choose Tools > Select > Refine Selection (or press Option-Command-R).
4. Move the Edge Softness slider to around 60% and Expand slider to -25%, for example.
5. Click Apply.
6. Choose Edit > Invert Selection (press Shift-Command-I).
7. Press the Backspace key (or choose Edit > Delete).

Hope that helps!