More/Custom Light Leak effects?

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2019-07-02 11:43:09

Is there a way to add more overlays to the Light Leak effect?
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2019-07-02 12:27:48

The Light Leak effect is basically a light leak texture applied on top of the layer using, I believe, the Screen blending mode. For that reason, if you find any light leak textures you like online, you can download it and create your own light leak effect by changing the blending mode of the light leak texture layer to Screen.
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2019-07-02 16:29:00

I've been doing that for some custom light leaks, but wandered if there was a way to save the texture into Pixelmator, similarly like you can have custom stuff in PS. But I guess that's not possible, then?
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2019-07-02 21:04:41

Sure you can – you could apply your light leak using the Image fill effect (making sure to choose the Screen blending mode) and save that as an effect preset. Would that work for you?