Best format for using both applications

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2019-07-15 21:26:48

I have Pixelmator Pro and Pixelmator on my Mac at home, but my office Mac is a little older and won't run 32 bit apps. I prefer to use Pixelmator pro because it's cleaner and faster but Pixelmator at my office won't open the documents. I thought exporting to a PSD format which both applications can open, but when I do this some imagery on some layers changes position.

Is there a way to use both or am I limited to using the older the app for compatibility.
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2019-07-17 12:08:48

PSD is probably the best option, although not ideal by any means. Having said that, layers shouldn't be changing position — could you share some example files with us that demonstrate this issue? You can email them to Thanks in advance!
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2019-07-17 18:49:10

I wasn't able to repeat this with limited time, but will have a better look in due course. But what I did notice is that classic preserves the layers when exporting to PSD but Pro seems to merge them all. I might be doing something wrong but if Pro exports get flattened then I think I have no option but to use classic on both macs.
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2019-07-18 11:31:20

Layers certainly shouldn't be flattened when exporting to PSD from Pixelmator Pro and if there are any files where this consistently happening, we'd also love to try and reproduce this ourselves with the files in question.