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2019-07-18 23:18:56

Is there a way to use the rays of the sunbeam with the bright spot in the middle? The Sun Radius seems to also dictate the length of the sunbeams. I would the sunbeams originating from a singular point but long rays.
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2019-07-18 23:41:36

I can't see a way of doing that with just the Sunbeam effect but if you overlay a Sunbeam with the Pinch distortion effect you can shrink the centre of the sunbeam smaller and get more of the rays.

Hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2019-07-19 15:04:01

What I did:

Created a new layer
Created a sunbeam.
Tried to pitch the middle of the sunbeam

I wish that would work. The pinch pulls in stuff from around, So, the more I pinch in the center of the sunbeam, the more the pinch shrinks in the surrounding rays. This method seems to work almost as exactly as changing the radius of the center of the sunbeam.
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2019-07-19 16:05:25

If I've understood you, I can keep the centre of the Sunbeam pretty small without affecting the edges providing that I keep radius of the Pinch under control. If I stack a second pinch I can make it vanish completely.