Can I set a default canvas color?

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2019-07-23 23:01:17

At times I need to create space around an image, when I expand the canvas the canvas is grey... is there a way to set it so the canvas is always one color (white or black)?

Now I get the image size, copy it, create a new file larger than the image, paintcan the color I need, paste the image.
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2019-07-24 06:19:45

Hi George.

My experience is that when you increase the size of the canvas the new pixels are always transparent. Pixelmator Pro's default way to show transparency is as a grey checkerboard so I think that's what you're seeing. But, whether I'm right or wrong about that, you still want to see a white background, right?

I've looked for a quick way to set a white background (I posted here asking for advice, too). Here's what I do.
First have a background layer that just contains a solid colour. Let's say it's white. To touch up that solid colour for example after a canvas resize:
1. Select the background layer in the layers panel.
2. Press D - sets current colour to defaults (Black with white held in reserve).
3. Press X - switches current and reserve colours. (So fill is now white)
4. Press Cmd-delete - fills current layer with current colour.

That gives me a fresh new white background in about a second. Hope this helps.

- Stef.
(edit: You can shorten the process by one step. Remove step 3 and replace step 4 with Opt-delete instead. This fills with the reserve/background colour so no need to switch the two.)
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2019-07-26 03:49:11

Thanks I'll try your solution.
It does create a "transparent" but when I png it, the new area is grey.
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2019-07-26 07:54:35

"but when I png it, the new area is grey"

That *is* weird. Transparency in png files should just be there: there are no settings that you turn on or off. If you're happy working things out on your own from here, I'll leave you to it. If there's something you want to work through, just come back: I'm happy to troubleshoot things with you.

All the best.

- Stef.