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2019-07-24 07:23:03


I like the extension - well done. I am just wondering how I can access export for web, the layers panel and the image size tool panel? I tried to create shortcuts through the settings app and it is working in Pix Pro but not in the photos extension. Do I miss something, or how could I access this tools?


In the feature release post the publishing date is incorrect for 1.4. It says May instead of July...

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2019-07-24 08:14:39

The way Apple have implemented embedded apps in Photos feel like they don't want you to feel that you have left Photos. So, you don't get the embedded app's menu or title bar (which is where Pixelmator Pro's top buttons live). With Pixelmator Pro's menu and buttons gone it's all about built-in shortcut keys. You can't create more shortcut keys as they depend on Pixelmator Pro's menus which aren't there any more.

Shift-Cmd-E - Export for web
Opt-L - show/hide layers
Opt-Cmd-I - Image Size
Opt-Cmd-C - Canvas Size

Hope this helps.
- Stef.
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2019-07-24 08:20:48

Thanks Stef. Will try it out. Have a great day
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2019-07-24 14:52:57

Can shortcuts created in Pixelmator Pro be used in the extension mode?