Where are templates stored

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2019-07-26 21:14:56

Where are templates stored on your mac? I need to retrieve them from my old laptop.
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2019-07-27 08:15:29

Hi Samjs.

Since this is your second time of asking with no response , I thought I'd have a dig on my machine. They don't look to be in a form intended to be copied or moved.

Mine* are in:
/Users/<username>/Library/Group Containers/<generatednumber>.com.pixelmator/Library/Application Support/com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator.x/Presets/Documents.library/presets/

I think you're best off recreating them either by taking note of x-size, y-size and ppi (because that's pretty much all they are), or by creating a folder containing images that you create with the templates and using those to re-create the templates on the new machine.

Hope this helps.

- Stef.
*Although I've mucked about with lots of beta versions so this may be a little different on your Mac.