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2019-07-27 22:24:24

Aperture used and Raw Power use the M key to compare the current state of an image to original. It's quick to see if the edits have made things better or worse. Does PP have something like that?
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2019-07-27 22:40:31

Well, it looks like the O key is suppose to do the trick, but it doesn't always seem to.

1. Open a jpg.
2. Using a brush scribble something on the background layer. (Same with shapes)
3. Press and Hold the O key.
Notice: There is a system beep and the scribbles do not go away.
Expected: Since i would be viewing the layer in original state that the scribbles would not be seen.
Note: it does appear with color adjustments and many of the other edits.

But if I am using a brush to fix bags under the eyes, i want to see if made things better or worse.
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2019-07-29 15:07:06

Certain tools are nondestructive while others aren't — for destructive tools, the show original feature doesn't exist as the changes are immediately and directly applied to the layer itself (rather than nondestructively saved 'alongside' the layer). That might not be the best explanation but hopefully, it makes some sense. This wouldn't necessarily be impossible to add but would need quite a bit of work. In the meantime, you could duplicate the layer and work on a copy to be able to compare it to the original.
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2020-08-23 18:32:11

This is high on my wish list. I use the "M" key all the time in the Photos app to see the original photo to compare whether my adjustments are better. I wish Pixelmator could just automatically take a snapshot of the original photo in the background just so that after making all my edits I can quickly compare the changes to the original shot. Please add this!