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2019-08-03 18:49:05

Hi .. my 'effects' seem to have disappeared .. and is only showing a 'Gaussian, zoom and spin?

How do I get effects back Thanks
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2019-08-03 20:41:11

Hi Marisa.

I think those three are the default set. If you want to add any more, there should be an Add button level with the Effects header that will allow you to add any effect. When you have a set that you like you can (I think) save the set as a default set by using the Add button followed by Save As Default. I'm being deliberately vague on this last bit as it's functionality I don't use. I just tend to add effects as I need them.

Hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2019-08-03 22:57:56

Thanks Stef
After a bit of looking around I found then under view/hide-show presets