Removing background and saving with transparent background

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2019-10-22 08:46:13

I am looking at the explanation with the following link but unfortunately it does not seem to work for me. English is not my language but I am trying hard to understand. Surely some of you experts now this already but I just do not get the result I am looking for.

After I marked the background (chess background) I export it as a PNG or TIFF file. I import it then into Photos but the result is a white background and transparent. I would like to be keep the object free so that I will be able to move the object into various pictures.

Sorry - but I need the instructions more detailed. When I read "after removing background" I just cannot follow. I tried - shift and backspace but the guess background remains.

I am looking forward to your answers how you manage to this and what your suggestions are.

For your help many thanks in advance.
Best regards from Switzerland
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2019-10-22 11:55:26

Hey Cindy, the trouble is that the Photos app doesn't really support images with transparency — it sounds like you're doing everything correctly, save for the final import step, at which point Photos removes the transparency. How are you subsequently using the image from Photos? My suggestion would be to save it in a folder on your Mac and use it from there.
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2019-10-23 10:04:26

Hi Andrius

Yesterday I tried your way to get to the result I wanted. Got rather late and this morning I retried - checking if it still works or better lets say - if I got it on my own hard disk! I save the objects now in a special folder and it works. The other program I am using it is "ifolor" to make picture albums.
I appreciate your fast reply and will keep on learning by doing and if I am stuck.... I now where to get help from.

Have a nice day and best regards
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2019-10-23 13:59:04

Glad to hear that worked! And yeah, feel free to ask for help anytime.