Selecting multiple shapes (layers) simply

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2019-11-05 14:52:47

Hey guys - I'm new to Pixelmator Pro.

I use Pixelmator to create small designs for events. For example, for a single event, I'll create dozens of Instagram cards, Twitter cards, web banners, online ads and email attachments.

So, on a single canvas, I'll have all these designs spaced next to each other neatly.

Each design is made up of shapes and text, with perhaps one or two images of event speakers.

My question is: how do I select a design, with all its images, shapes and text blocks (layers) in a simple way?

I searched the tutorials, and the answer I found required me to manually select each layer holding down COMMAND. This is incredibly laborious and time-intensive. It would be much simpler to use the 'Arrange' tool (V-tool) to merely surround the layers I want on the canvas - and then duplicate. This seems to be standard in other design packages, and I can't seem to figure out how it's done in Pixelmator.

Please let me know if I'm missing something? Is there an easier way to select multiple layers?
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2019-11-06 16:34:38

Hey there, that's currently the easiest way to select a series of unrelated layers (unrelated, in this case, meaning they're not grouped together).

Otherwise, you could also group them in the Layers sidebar (select multiple layers, press the Command-G keyboard shortcut), which will make it easier to treat them as one unit in various different cases.

As for dragging to select multiple layers — we'll keep this feature in mind!