Photoshop ruler?

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2019-11-13 16:13:47

Dear all,

I'm really happy with Pixelmator Pro. There is a learning curve of course because I'm used to working with Photoshop for many years.
What I miss now is the Photoshop ruler to measure the size of a (part of) an image. In Photoshop you can find it next to the color picker.

Thanks in advance.
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2019-11-14 16:19:51

Hey Ton, glad to hear you're happy with Pixelmator Pro! As it has been requested before, this feature is already on our feature request list but it's not really a big priority as it stands, so I wouldn't expect to see it any time particularly soon. Sorry for the potentially disappointing news, I'd just rather not give you any false hope.
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2019-11-14 16:24:07

OK and thanks. I use a rectangular now. Not a big issue.