Radial transparency?

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2019-11-20 22:38:03

Can a layer's transparency have a gradient? If so, can the transparency gradient be set to radial, so that transparency increases radially from a center point of the layer?
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2019-11-21 14:40:34

There are several different ways of achieving this effect, the best one might be to apply a Gradient fill effect to a layer mask. The steps would be as follows:

1. In the Layers sidebar, Control-click the layer you'd like edit and choose Add Mask
2. Select the mask by clicking its thumbnail
3. Choose Format > Effects > Fill > Gradient (from the Format menu at the top of your screen)
4. Click the gradient well in the Tool Options pane to make the Gradients palette appear and make sure a black-to-white gradient is selected
5. Click Radial in the Gradients palette
6. If you're getting transparency in the center of your image, next to the gradient well in the Tool Options pane, click the arrows to reverse the colors of the gradient

You can then experiment with the midpoint of the gradient and other settings to get exactly the result you're looking for.

Hope that helps!