Unable to save to Mac Photos app preserving edits

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2019-11-26 22:23:46

Hi, according to the docs, if chosen in the [settings][/https://help.pixelmator.com/pixelmator-pro/1.5/#1059] Pixelmator Pro will make a safe copy in iCloud of image edits applied to images from Mac Photos app. This edits and/or images should be filed under ~/Applications/Pixelmator Pro/Photos Extensions Documents in iCloud drive.

Unfortunately this feature ist not working for me. I neither have this subdir nor does Pixelmator try to safe to it. It just overwrites the existing image in Photos app with the one edited. My settings are correct.

Note that I had the tryout version installed before buying Pixelmator Pro and that my "root" directory in iCloud is ~/Applications/Pixelmator (and not as stated in settings /Pixelmator Pro). Not sure if this matters.

Pls help. Thanks.
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2019-11-27 09:30:48

Hi there, are you using the Pixelmator Pro extension in the Photos app? The ability to save edits nondestructively is only available that way. Here's how you can find the extension: https://help.pixelmator.com/pixelmator-pro/1.5.1/#1185
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2019-11-27 10:23:05

Hi Andrius, thanks for the reply. No, I just did a right-click on the image and choose Pixelmator Pro as editor. Didn't know about the extensions thing …

I'll try following your advise later today and report back. Thanks.
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2019-11-28 09:03:45

Great, let me know how it goes!
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2019-11-28 09:04:29

Hi Andrius, thanks, it works with the extension!
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2019-11-28 09:08:42

Wahey, glad to hear it!