Upgrade to Pixelmator Pro from Pixelmator?

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2019-11-30 23:58:59

I primarily use Pixelmator to create thumbnails for YouTube videos where I use my face in the thumbnail.
i'd like to enhance details in the thumb such as whites of the eyes, etc
Can Pixelmator Pro do this and can it more easily remove the background than Pixelmator?
How does it compare to PS?

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2019-12-02 15:40:41

Pixelmator Pro can do everything the original Pixelmator can, plus quite a few things more. Background removal should be about the same level of difficulty, though that depends on your current workflow — it may be easier too. The color adjustment tools are much more advanced if you've been using those.

The best piece of advice I can give you is to try the app out for yourself and you can grab a free trial of it here.
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2019-12-02 15:52:52

ok thx