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2019-12-09 11:15:42

Hello Community / hello Pixelmator developers,
is it possible to define a "layer" as "overprint" - like I can do this with Photoshop?
Thanks so far.
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2019-12-09 14:15:05

Member of the community here... can you elaborate what you mean by overprint in this context? I only know it as a printers' term which doesn't seem that relevant to an RGB app. Can you explain exactly what it is that you want to do?
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2019-12-09 15:06:06

I formerly created Flyers with Photoshop and exported printable PDFs out of these. I thought I would be able to do the same with this app. For me it is not only an "RGB app".
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2019-12-09 15:38:18

I think I understand. If I do, you want to be able to control black ink independently on one layer so that you can overprint rather than knockout that colour underneath. This is a relevant feature in an app that uses the CMYK colour model and does CMYK colour separations. Pixelmator Pro (at least as of v1.5.3) is an RGB only app.
Whenever someone comments in the forums, "Hey this does everything that Photoshop does and at a fraction of the price," I flinch a little internally because there's a lot that Photoshop does that Pixelmator Pro doesn't. Photoshop is a very large and complex app that is different things to different people. Many people will use one area heavily and not scratch the surface of others. I use Pixelmator Pro because it is a much skinnier app with tools are a good fit for the work that I do. CMYK separations are not on the list of things I need to do these days so I'm not worried that Pixelmator Pro doesn't do those.
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2019-12-09 15:46:46

Thanks for your comment. The printing company has that requirement for special things like a special silver printing. They asked me to add an overprint layer... It is not me who wants to control some ink independently.
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2019-12-09 16:10:58

It is not me who wants to control some ink independently.

You can set up an image in Pixelmator Pro that it can export multiple files whenever you use File > Export for Web...
So you can have your image in one group and your text in another. If you need to add registration marks, you can add an image with those on to each group. If you needed to knockout rather than overprint you could do that using masks. You could even do some kind of manual trapping using outlines on the text if you needed to.
The only two things that you won't be able to do (that I can think of right now) is export as a multi layered PDF (at least I can't think of a way to) and do CMYK separations.