Checking color in Pixelmator Pro- any quick option?

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2019-12-11 12:27:41

Dear All,

I was using Pixelmator to quickly edit packshots shooted in studio with white background and static lamps. My main aim is to correct colors and make background 255 255 255.

Today I switched to Pixelmator Pro because of presets function- I was thinking that it could save me few minutes of editing (90% of my photos requires almost the same setting) but I can not find solution for small problem.

In Pixelmator I was checking background color using "replace color" tool- magnifier was showing below color code in real time so I was always sure that white is "pure white". 1-2 seconds and all corners where checked.

In Pixelmator Pro there is only magnifier- to check colour I must use colour picker and click everytime I want check color or use MacOS's colorimeter app- and it takes much more time...


Is there any easier way to do it?
I don't want to use Edit-->Select color range and then filling it with pure white- this is perfect for dark products, if product have anything on it with color similar to background- app will change it too.

Thank you so much for help!
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2019-12-11 20:31:50

Hi Michal.
I don't think that this is something that Pixelmator Pro does at the moment. There's a customisable info bar (View > Show Info Bar) but it doesn't have RGB info available (as of 1.5.3). There's also a thread on this from a couple of months back: ... 15&t=17175
you might want to give that a bump.
- Stef.
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2019-12-12 15:19:47

This feature is on the way — currently in development.