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2020-01-11 02:35:05

I sent this photo for some advice. I am working it and wanted to know is there a way with the bottom lights, to make the lights reflections be more prominent individually along the wall. I don't want the sky or anything else to be more illuminated just the lights that run along the walk way.


Image Gary
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2020-01-12 08:27:46

Hi Gary, I tried something as you can see below by playing with light adjustments. The walkway must be darkened but it can give you some hints. Light exposure, color balance, and color levels are the parameters I played with. Tell me if it is somehow what you are looking for.


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2020-01-12 11:29:20

Hi Gary.

There are w whole load of ways of doing this. My go-to would be to use the lighten tool in Pixelmator Pro. First, I'd duplicate the layer so that I can see how far I've changed it (and to blend with if I go over the top on my adjustments). Then I'd use the Lighten tool to paint over the light reflections in the upper layer. In the example below I just gave them a subtle tweak (Softeness 100%, Strength 50%, Midtones only, painted over twice because my subtle tweak was a bit too subtle, even for me.). Hope this helps.

- Stef.

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2020-01-13 17:19:35

If that's yours, kudos on the great shot — love the colors and composition!
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2020-01-13 19:20:22

Great but of course one more question, I am using ML to make my models background blues but have her skin normal color. How do I just remove the blue from her face etc
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2020-01-13 22:56:07

Thanks this photo was on the way to shoot an assignment, Thought the walkway and buildings were cool
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2020-01-14 14:32:45

all Ideas are working Thanks