Pixelmator Pro Beta Release Notes

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2020-01-12 20:25:30

Hi gang.
I just downloaded 1.5.5 beta and wondered what was new. Is there anywhere I can download release notes for the beta so that I know what has been added and what bugs should have been squished?
- Stef.
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2020-01-13 16:51:14

Hey Stef, we wanted to update the beta with the new features in 1.5.4 but we also had some new engine/foundation fixes, so we thought we might as well include them too. But that meant we needed to bump up the version to 1.5.5, so I just re-used the App Store notes and added the extra stuff alongside those. I didn't think it worthwhile to create a forum thread on the topic but, to be honest, I probably should've. Next time!
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2020-01-13 17:17:17

No worries. I just thought I was looking in the wrong place for the notes.