Can I enlarge a layer without distorting its content?

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2020-01-23 16:54:03

I need to export several layers with a product photo on transparent background. Each layer has a different size and position but I need to have all of them in the same size so all of the exports look the same.

To do so I crop each layer to the size of a 'master layer'. Cropping a layer is not a problem but some of them require to be enlarged without reducing, enlarging or distorting the layer content. Is there a way to do it?

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2020-01-23 17:33:50

You could try using the ML Super Resolution algorithm for this — choose Edit > Transform, then in the Algorithm section, choose ML Super Resolution, resize your layer and click Apply.

I'd love to hear whether that helps!
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2020-01-23 18:58:32

I solved it with a bit of mouse work : when I select the layers for export, I can resize its export size without affecting the image.

I think this is better than ML Super Resolution.

Thank you!
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2020-01-24 08:39:05

Oh, in that case, I probably misunderstood your original request. Glad to hear you managed to work it out, though!