How to export an image with a file size different than the editor image size?

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2020-01-27 13:47:52

I have a high-resolution photo (greater than 5,000x5000 px). I want to work on the full resolution photo in Pixelmator Pro, but when I export (File -> Export for Web), I want to use a much smaller resolution (say, 250x250 px).

The only option I see in the menu is to use JPG @0.5x, but I want to do @0.1px, or just specify an arbitrary size... is there a way to do that?
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2020-01-27 17:45:40

I'm one of the people hoping that Pixelmator Pro will gain better scaling support as part of its Export for Web function. At the moment (1.5.4), export scaling options are, in my option, quite limited. I'd resist the temptation to resize, export then undo as, because of Apple's auto-saving architecture, if you forget to undo, the downsampled file will be saved and you'll have to resort to backups to get the full resolution back.

Until the Pixelmator team develop export resizing I tend to do one of two things: either export at full size and resize afterward or create a copy within the file, resize that end use the Add for Export... functionality to create a small export file. In case you haven't used this, you can add a layer or group for export by right-clicking on it in the layers panel and choosing Add for Export.... It will then be added to the Export for Web function ready to be exported.

Hope this helps (and that I've explained this clearly).

- Stef.