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2020-01-31 11:17:08


I've just taken out a subscription for a folio page on the Association of Illustrators website (UK) and jpegs don't work on their site, only jpgs.
They've told me that I just need to change the name of the file from .jpeg to .jpg and they demonstrated that this works by changing the file
format name with a file I'd emailed them.
My problem is that although when I save a file for export in Pixelmator it indicates it's a JPEG, it appears on my desktop as a JPG and when I send it to the AOI it appears as a JPEG so I can't change the file format name myself!

Any ideas?

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2020-01-31 15:34:22

Hi Tony.

Could this be a problem with hidden file extensions and the actual file being called 'filename.jpg.jpeg'?

If so then you can solve it by getting your Mac to show you the file extensions — make sure that the first box is checked in Finder Preferences (shown in the image below).


If not, hopefully someone else will be along with a better thought.

- Stef.
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2020-01-31 16:14:00

Thank you so much, Stef.

I had a look but the filename extensions are file.jpg.

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2020-01-31 16:45:56


This is one of my files showing both jpg and jpeg filename extension...
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2020-01-31 16:50:37

I wonder if the website is actually looking deeper than just the file name. Can you send them a file separately and see if they will try uploading it themselves, looking for error messages.
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2020-01-31 17:17:38

I'll have to wait until next week now and will do as you suggest

Thanks for your help

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2020-01-31 17:52:55

I remember this briefly being an issue in some of the very earliest versions of Pixelmator Pro, but I can see that in v1.0.6, we changed it so that all JPEGs would be exported with the .jpg extension. I can see that that's what my copy of Pixelmator Pro is doing and, in your screenshot, I can see that file has that extension too. The fact that it says "JPEG Image" shouldn't have an effect on anything, that's just macOS identifying the file type. It's an interesting issue, though, I must say. I don't really have any suggestions just now but we'll look into this.
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2020-01-31 22:03:10

Thank you so much!

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2020-02-04 15:39:17

Hey Tony, just wondering if you've had any news about this from the AOI?
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2020-02-04 17:55:32

Thanks for asking Andrius. I decided not to post on their website after all and am being reimbursed...