Equivalent To Patch Tool

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2020-02-19 20:52:36

Is there a patch tool option (like PS) available on Pro?
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2020-02-20 13:48:55

There isn't one — the closest thing is probably the Repair Selection feature, though that's automatic and the patch tool in PS is obviously all about choosing your own source. Or, in other cases, copying one source multiple times. If you could let me know which of those actions you'd like to do, I'd do my best to think of the best way to get the results you're after.
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2020-02-20 14:54:36

Thanks Andrius.

I’m was just curious as I think that it’s a good feature. The Pro solutions are just fine for my needs, I just thought I’d ask the question in case I wasn’t seeing the patch facility.

In some instances in my editing, patching would be better than cloning but as per above no big deal.
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2020-02-20 14:57:24

I definitely like the idea — the tool is pretty great. We have some ideas for improving the Repair tool so when we get to that (admittedly that's a longer-term plan), I think we can also look into this for sure.