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2020-02-23 09:01:05


In photoshop you have a spiral tool and I was wondering how you could do a spiral in Pix Pro? Does anybody has a good workflow with this? Thanks.

1. Or maybe somebody has created a shape which I could import?
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2020-02-23 15:13:27

Hi ResLes.

Last time I needed a spiral I faked one with a load of concentric semi-circles rotated 180 degrees and offset so that they looked (more or less) like a spiral. If you want a true spiral, you might find what you want on (vector and bitmap) or there are a few spiral generators online (probably bitmap only).

Hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2020-02-24 20:08:52

Hi Stef,

Thanks for the tip work Pixabay. I use it for pictures but not thought about it to get vector graphics. Unfortunately the graphic I needed wasn’t there. I have to look for some generators... thanks