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2020-03-05 06:15:29

Hi. I am trying to learn this software but I have so much to pick up on. I am trying to change the sky in a picture. Using the quick selection tool I removed the sky I want to discard it but how do I add the new sky? please and thank you.
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2020-03-05 09:54:42

Hi Renaud.
Pixelmator Pro is layer-based so, if you have removed or masked an area of one layer, whatever is on the layer below will show through. So, if you put an image with the sky that you want to use on the layer below you should be able to see it.
Does that help any?
- Stef.
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2020-03-05 22:30:50

Sure did. It confirmed what I knew. I wasn’t paying attention and realized that if the layer I want to use is not sized similarly to the picture I am working with then it will not work correctly and that’s the issue I was having. Thanks for the help.