Reset Default Workspace

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2020-03-13 16:18:21

How to reset the default workspace that is there on first opening?

The was a way to delete a plist file on original Pixelmator though I don't remember and now looking for same On "Pro" but can't find?

16" MBP
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2020-03-16 15:29:51

Are you looking to completely reset Pixelmator Pro and all its settings to default? Then you'd need to delete the following folders:

~/Library/Group Containers/
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2020-03-16 15:39:24

P.S. Sorry about the duplicate threads — something occasionally goes wrong and this happens but it appears to be more or less random...
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2020-03-16 16:05:36

Thank you it seems to have worked fine. Started up like day 1... which was only last week as I finally went for the upgrade bundle. Had original one for years.