Nondestructive tramsformation

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2020-03-17 11:38:10

Hi there. Can't catch that moment when transforming becomes destructive. Help me please to understand
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2020-03-17 12:14:30

It is a bit of a tricky topic! Also, are we talking about the Transform tool/command or simply resizing layers? Oh, and it's important what type of layer you're transforming – image, text, or shape.
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2020-03-17 12:29:17

Oh, think I got it. Resizing is nondestructive and command+T is not. Right?
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2020-03-17 12:40:31

Yeah, pretty much! Resizing anything using the Arrange tool is always nondestructive, whereas using Command-T is a little destructive for images (the pixel data is changed but any nondestructive things like adjustments, effects, styles are retained), partially destructive for text (text is converted into shape when you make any perspective transformations/distortions) and pretty much completely nondestructive for shapes.
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2020-03-17 12:44:27

Exhaustive. Thx Andrius
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2020-03-17 15:22:38

No problem! And welcome to the forum.
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2020-03-17 22:02:59

by Andrius 2020-03-17 15:22:38 No problem! And welcome to the forum.
Andrius do you have a brother? Now you are speaking to him in this forum 😂
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2020-03-18 11:13:31

Yes, the resemblance is uncanny, isn't it!